What Is SEO?

(SEO) Search engine optimization basically it is the art and science of driving targeted traffic from search engines to your website. Common SEO tasks include creating high-quality content, improving content with specific Methods, and creating backlinks.

The topics are given below that we’ll cover in this complete guide to SEO:

Why Is SEO Important?

In short, search engine optimization is a great source of traffic.

In fact, there is a breakdown that causes most of the site traffic to occur.

SEO Important

By Search Engine Optimization As you can see, about mostly 60% of web traffic starts with Google search. And if you include traffic from other popular search engines (such as Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube), 70.6% of all traffic comes from search engines.

SEO Important

Let’s illustrate the importance of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) with an example …

We say that you run a party company. According to Google, 110,000 people are looking for “party supplies” every month.

SEO Important

Given that the first result on Google is about 20% of all clicks, if you show at the top, your site has 22,000 visitors per month.

SEO Important

But let’s do it right – how much do these employees cost?

The average advertiser spends about $ 1 per click for this search phrase. This means that the web traffic of 22,000 visitors is approximately $ 22,000 per month.

SEO Important

And this is only for this search phrase. If your site is optimized for SEO, you can rank hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of different keywords.

In other industries, such as real estate or insurance, traffic from search engines is much higher.

For example, advertisers pay more than 45 per click on the search phrase “auto insurance quote.”

SEO Important

Paid vs Organic Results

The pages of search engine results are divided into two separate sections: regular and paid

SEO Important

Paid Results

Paid search results are ads that appear above or below normal results.

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Paid ads are completely free of organic ads. In the “Paid Results” section, advertisers “rank” how much they are willing to pay for a specific placement from a specific set of search results (known as “pay every fee”). Ready

Organic Search Results

Organic search results (sometimes called “natural” results) are natural results based on 100% value.

In other words, there is no way to pay Google or other search engines for the highest quality in organic search results.

Search engines rank common search results based on hundreds of different ranking factors. But in general, Google considers organic results to be the most relevant, reliable and authoritative website or webpage on the subject.

SEO Important

I have more details on how search engine algorithms work later. But now it’s important to remember:

When we talk about “SEO”, we talk about ranking your site in the results of a regular search.

How Do Search Engines work?

When you search for something on Google (or any other search engine), the algorithm works in real-time to make you think that the search engine is the “best” result.

In particular, to find a set of results, Google scans the index of its “hundreds of billions” of pages that best match your search.

How does Google determine the “best” results?

Although Google does not disclose the internal operation of its algorithms based on patents and applications filed by Google, we know that websites and web pages are ranked based on:


If you’re looking for “chocolate chip cookie recipes,” you don’t want to see truck tire web pages.

This is why Google is primarily looking for pages that are closely related to your keywords.

However, Google does not just rank “top of the page”. This is because there are thousands (or millions) of relevant pages for each search query.

For example, the keyword “cookie recipes” returns 349 million results for Google:

SEO Important

Thus, to put the results in a sequence that pops up, they rely on three other elements of their algorithm:


Authority is exactly what it looks like: it is Google’s way of determining whether the content is accurate and reliable.

The question is, how does Google know if the page is genuine?

They look at the number of other pages that link to this page:

SEO Important

(Links to other pages are known as “backlinks”)

In general, the more links on a page, the higher it’s rating:

SEO Important

In fact, the ability to measure credibility on Google links is what sets it apart from search engines like Yahoo that came before).


Content may be current and genuine. But if it is useless, Google does not want to place these results at the top of the search results.

In fact, Google has publicly stated that there is a difference between “high-quality content” and “useful” content.

SEO Important

For example, looking for a “yellow diet.”

The first result you click on (“An A Result”) was written by a world expert on circles. And since there is so much content on this page, so many people have contacted it.

SEO Important

However, the content is completely unstructured. And he is full of garbage, which most people do not understand.

Compare this to another result (“result B”).

This is a relatively new Paleo diet. And on their site, there are not many links pointing to this.

However, their content is organized into separate sections. And it is written that anyone can understand:

SEO Important

Well, this page is very highly rated on the utility-scale. Although result B does not have as much confidence or authority as result A, it will still work well on Google.

(In fact, it may be higher than Result A.)

Google uses a utility-based primarily on “user interaction gestures.”

In other words: how users interact with search results. If Google sees that people really like the search results, then this ranking will increase significantly.

SEO Important

My # 1 SEO tip for higher rankings

Create a website that people like! Search engines are designed to measure various signals on the network so that they can find sites that people like the most. Play these gestures directly into their hands, without making them real and artificial.

And now it’s time to put it into practice with a walkthrough on SEO.

Customers and Keywords

Before you begin exploring the topic of heading tags and your interest in HTML, it’s important not to miss an important step.

Customer and keyword research.

Here you get an idea of ​​what your customers are looking for … and what words and phrases they are looking for. Thus, you can evaluate your site for those things that your customers are looking for every day.

Feel good. Here’s how to do it.

Customer Research

If you are already running an online business, you are likely to get an idea of ​​what your target client looks like.

(Also known as “customer marriage”).

An example is:

SEO Important

This kind of customer research doesn’t just help people create the product they want. This is also a very important part of SEO and content marketing.

I will explain …

To succeed with SEO, you need to create content on topics that your users are searching for.

And if you do not know who your client is, it is almost impossible to understand what he is looking for (more on this later).

The best way to delve into your target customer? Make HubSpace my person.

SEO Important

This great free tool helps you build your customer identity step by step. At the end of the process, you will have a detailed avatar available that you can link to repeatedly.

SEO Important


Keywords Researching

Now that you have personalized your client, it’s time to take the next step: search for keywords.

Here you will find the exact words and phrases (search queries) that users enter in the search field.

In general, keywords are divided into two main segments: keywords that people use to find your sales (product words)

You also have keywords that your target audience uses when they are not specifically looking for what you are selling (informative keywords).

SEO Important

What about an example?

We say that you have an e-commerce site selling tennis shoes.

Your keyword basket will look like this:

  • Tennis shoes free shipping
  • Nike sneakers
  • Tennis shoes for flat feet
  • On the other hand, informative keywords are what your audience is interested in when they don’t have to look for shoes.

Another maintenance lesson

  • How to prevent implemented errors
  • The right shape of the left punch
  • How to get into the topspin service

And to succeed with SEO, you want to improve your site’s pages around both types of keywords.

This way, when your customer searches for your product, you’ll get in the search results.

And for keywords that your customers use when they are not looking for your product or service, you will show them too.

Keyword Finding Tips

Here are some tips to help you find keywords.

First, use Google autocomplete.

You may already have noticed this feature.

Whenever you start typing on Google, you get a bunch of search suggestions.

SEO Important

I suggest typing out ideas for keywords on Google and describing future offers.

Secondly, write answers to words and phrases in public places.

This free tool is great for finding informative keywords.

For example, if you are blogging about the Paleo Diet, you would enter “

SEO Important

And that will eliminate the questions that people ask around this topic.

For example, one of the questions I found was: “Will cholesterol increase the cup of diet?”

SEO Important

Then use the keyword research tool.

Keyword tools can help you determine how many people are searching for each keyword and how difficult it is for the term to rank on the first page of Google.

In other words, they can help you choose the best keywords from the list. There are a million keyword research tools.

Here I recommend checking a few.

But the best free keyword tool is Google’s Keyword Planner.

Important SEO

Although Keyword Planner was designed to help people with Google advertising campaigns, it can still help you find SEO keywords.

All you have to do is enter a product keyword or a keyword in it.

Important SEO

The Keyword Planner was designed to help people with Google advertising campaigns, it can still help you find SEO keywords.

You need to do is enter a product keyword or a keyword in it.
The Google Keyword Planner was designed to help people with Google advertising campaigns, it can still help you find SEO keywords.

You need to do is enter a product keyword or a keyword in it.

SEO Important

Then you will find statistics for the exact phrase (for example, the range of the search volume) and a list of related keywords.

SEO Important

Limiting your search is a kind of hassle. But at least you get an idea of ​​how often her keywords are searched every month.

If you want to get more data on the volume of your search, you need to run a Google advertising campaign.

SEO Important

You can also use third-party tools (such as Ahraz, SEMRush, etc.), which have more accurate information about the search volume.

Normally, I would not worry about boundaries. They are still useful for finding relevant volumes between different keywords.

In other words:

To find out which keywords get a lot of queries … and which keywords don’t search too much, use ranges in GKP.

Finally, if you are bigger in SEO, you need to put the focus on long-term keywords.


Because longer offers are less competitive.

SEO Important

Once you have mastered SEO, you can begin to focus on more competitive keywords. But when you are just starting out, stick to long-term conditions.

For example, when I started my blog, about 100 100% of the content that I posted was designed to rank long informative words, such as “how to get high-quality
backlinks”. It was:

SEO Important

As the authority of my site grew, I chose small phrases that were more competitive, such as: “backlinks”:

SEO Important

Write SEO-Friendly Content

It’s no secret that SEO and content are deeply interconnected.

In general, the better your content, the higher your rating. This is not easy, obviously. But when writing content for SEO, sticking with your thumb is recommended.

In addition, there is more detailed information on how to create SEO friendly content.

Writing the content for product and service pages

When you write to make sure Content should still be of high quality for product and service pages. But this does not mean that you want the pages of your product to be read like blog posts.

The main aim of your product pages should be to convert browsers to potential customers and users. That’s why you want your product pages to focus on the features and benefits that your product offers.

For example, look at the Baremetics homepage.

SEO Important

In many ways, even if it is not a blog post or an article, it is still high-quality content. As you can see, a well-designed page and key elements describe the features of the product.

SEO Important

That way, anyone looking for a product word, such as “revenue forecasting software,” will benefit a lot from this page … although the main purpose of this page is to sign up for a trial version.

The bottom line? Make your product page as useful as possible. But don’t forget that conversion should be your No. 1 goal.

Create quality blog content

When most people say things like the “king of content”, they talk about the nature of the extremely useful content that is published on blogs.

(In other words: not the content that you find on most pages about products and services)

And there is no doubt that creating great content can help improve your ranking on Google.

In fact, HubSpot found that companies that publish content constantly receive 350% more traffic than those who do not put much effort into promoting their content.

SEO Important

I am living proof that this approach works.

Thanks to your commitment to quality content publishing, my site generates 175,868 search engines every month:

SEO Important

And I wouldn’t get so close to traffic if I just clicked on artificial pages and hoped that Google would appreciate them. That’s how SEO works in 2019.

Today, in order to succeed in search engine optimization, your site needs to regularly post amazing things. Nothing can easily cut it.

In fact, the latest WordPress statistics show that 70 million blog posts are posted every month.

SEO Important

And this is just WordPress. People also post millions of posts on Medium, Shopify, and other platforms.

The bottom line? For your content to stand out in 2019, it must be unusual. Otherwise, millions of posts that go out every day will bury him.nbsp;

High-Quality Content Examples

Now I want to share some examples of such high-quality content that really works well in 2019.

Complete Lists

A complete list is where you put together a complete list of tips, items, techniques, recipes … or anything you can think of.

They are valuable because you produce items from many sources. So instead of reading one post with 20 tips and the other with 15 tips, your content gives people what they need on one page.

For example, some time ago I published this list of 175 strategies for creating links on my blog:

Important SEO

Thanks to my complete list, you now have one-stop shopping for everything related to links.

And since my content is of great value, 935 different sites link to it.

SEO Important

Very well.


Detailed step-by-step instructions are as old as the Internet. And they can still do great things.

For example, the SEO strategy guide on my blog really works well.

SEO Important

SEO Important

In this way, my content stands out from most other SEO strategy publications that lack key details.

So yes, you want to make every step better. This way, your content will be separated from other walkthroughs that already exist.

This page visits 2,771 organic searches every month:

SEO Important

SEO Important

They found that sharing and connecting people is harder than ever. Why? The amount of content released since 2015 has increased dramatically, which complicates the process of getting up.

On another positive note, he found that “there is always contact with genuine research and reference materials.”

In other words: content with data works really, really well.

On-Page SEO Basics

The on-page SEO ensures that Google can find your web pages so they can appear in search results. It also includes the selection of relevant, verbose, and useful content for the phrase you are trying to display.

SEO Important

Install Yoast

Your site is powered by WordPress, I recommend using the Yoast SEO plugin.

No, Yoast is not a magic button that will automatically improve your site.

But Yoast makes it easy to customize the page title and descriptive tag.

SEO Important

SEO Important

It has many other features that will help improve your site as a whole.

SEO Important

If your site runs on other platforms (such as Shopify or Vux), they will be related to the SEO features that Ust has.

Use your keyword in the title tag

SEO principle on this page:

SEO Important

Think of it this way:

Your tag title is a short description of your page. And when you use your keywords in title tags, it tells Google that your page is dedicated to that keyword.

Optimize Your Meta Description For Clicks

A description of your meta is not as important as your title tags.

In fact, Google has stated that they do not pay much attention to your data (or meta words).

SEO Important