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Idea-94 is a creative design studio. The place where perfect websites, mobile apps & games come to life.
User reviews
I just spent 10 minutes doing nothing but leveling everything in my office.
After this game I really washed my dad's race car
Yolanda Thompson
Fantastic UI. Finally one person knows how to design a good app on Android.
Could not ask for more. Brilliant bit of lit, especially the lock facility.
Excellent. Nice to get an app which does exactly what it says.
Did a great job, followed directions exactly!!!
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Brand experience
We are in the business for over 6 years. Our team members had pleasure to create for following brands in the past.
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Meet Idea-94
What it takes to achieve perfection? It is the question we are asking ourselves all the time. As an answer we created Idea-94 - a creative design studio commited to creation of highest quality, no-compromise products.
Haseeb Iqbal
H.Ali Raza
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We are open for business. Feel free to drop us a line or send your brief.
+92 324 72 55 709
Gojra, Pakistan
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